Drone Mapping

Blevic Concept Nig. Ltd is the leading drone/UAV mapping company in Nigeria and Africa region at large. We employ a number of drones e.g. DJI Phantom 3, eBee SenseFly from various manufacturers across the globe.

Several software available in the market for processing drone images and creating orthomosaics and Digital Surface models (DSMs) include Pix4D, Agisoft among others.

Reduce Time Spent

Drone importance

Nowadays, there are several reasons why surveyors and GIS practitioners are increasingly adding drones to their portfolio of instruments. Firstly, using a drone can vastly reduce the time spent collecting accurate data.

We are Expert


Blevic Concept Nig. Ltd has successfully carried out many Drone/UAV Mapping projects in Nigeria and Africa region at large. Recently, we conducted drone mapping project in a 17-acre parcel of land in Lagos state. The outputs of the project was a 3cm resolution Orthomosaic, a DEM, DSM and Contours.

Staff Safety

Less time spent on the ground means staff safety is improved by minimizing risk to surveying teams when measuring sites such as mines, unstable slopes and transport routes. Simply choose take-off and landing locations that are out of harm’s way.

Drones for mapping normally fly at an altitude of 100 metres to 300 metres. The spatial resolution of the drone images decreases considerably with increase in altitude but the drone is capable of capturing large image scenes. With the drones, one can obtain an image of up to 2cm spatial resolution!